Welcome to Sona Devi University!

Sona Devi University, established by The Sona Devi Memorial Educational Foundation Trust, is a prestigious institution located in the picturesque state of Jharkhand. Committed to academic excellence, research, and holistic development, our university offers a wide range of programs across multiple disciplines. We aim to nurture the next generation of leaders and innovators who will make a positive impact on society.

Our Academic Schools:

School of Commerce & Management: This school offers programs such as BBA, BBA – Business Analytics, B.COM (Honours), M.COM, and MBA. Our comprehensive business education equips students with the knowledge, skills, and entrepreneurial mindset needed to succeed in the dynamic world of commerce and management.

School of Humanities & Social Sciences: With programs like BA (Hons) English, BA (Hons) Hindi, BA (Hons) History, BA (Hons) Economics, BA (Hons) Political Science, BA Journalism & Mass Communication, MA English, MA Hindi, MA Political Science, MA History, and MA Economics, our school fosters critical thinking, creativity, and a deep understanding of the social sciences and humanities.

School of IT & Computer Science: This school offers programs such as BCA, B.Sc IT, B.Sc Computer Science, M.Sc Computer Science, and MCA. We provide a comprehensive curriculum that combines theoretical knowledge with practical skills, preparing students for successful careers in the rapidly evolving field of information technology and computer science.

School of Engineering: Our School of Engineering offers programs like Diploma in Civil, Diploma in Electrical, Diploma in Mechanical, and Diploma in Computer Science. We provide hands-on training, state-of-the-art laboratories, and industry exposure to develop competent engineers who can contribute to various sectors of the economy.

School of Social Work & Rural Studies: This school offers programs like B.Sc Agriculture, B.Sc Fisheries Science, and BA Social Work. We emphasize community development, sustainable practices, and social welfare, preparing students to address social issues and create positive change in society.

School of Pharmacy: With programs like D.PHARMA and B.PHARMA, our School of Pharmacy trains students in pharmaceutical sciences and equips them with the skills required to contribute to the healthcare industry.

School of Nursing: Our School of Nursing offers programs like GNM, ANM, and B.Sc Nursing. We provide comprehensive nursing education, combining theoretical knowledge with hands-on clinical experience, to produce compassionate and competent nurses who can provide quality healthcare.

School of Para Medical & Health Sciences: This school offers programs like DMLT, DOTT, GDA, and DRIT. We focus on providing specialized training in medical laboratory technology, operation technology, nursing assistance, and radiology & imaging technology, producing skilled professionals for the healthcare sector.

School of Research: Our School of Research offers Ph.D programs in various disciplines, including English, History, Political Science, Computer Science, Commerce & Management, and Mass Communication. This program enables aspiring scholars and researchers to engage in advanced studies, contribute to knowledge creation, and become thought leaders in their respective fields.

At Sona Devi University, we believe in providing a conducive learning environment. Our highly qualified faculty members are dedicated to delivering quality education and mentorship to our students. We offer state-of-the-art infrastructure, modern classrooms, well-equipped laboratories, digital learning resources, and industry collaborations to ensure a holistic learning experience.

We are proud to be recognized by the University Grants Commission (UGC) under the UGC Act, 1956. This recognition validates the quality of education we provide and ensures that our degrees and certifications hold value in the professional world.

Join us at Sona Devi University and embark on a transformative educational journey. Discover your passions, develop your skills, and become a catalyst for positive change in your chosen field. Together, let’s create a brighter future.

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